Soundmachines -Optical Performance Turntable

Soundmachines consiste en una mesa con tres discos que giran con distintos patrones que permiten mezclar música al vuelo según se coloque la aguja (óptica en este caso) en distintas partes de los discos que giran…como punto en contra, El tocadiscos sólo puede reproducir unos discos ópticos especiales con una serie limitada de sonidos que suenan en función de la posición que ocupen. Estos discos interaccionan con unos cartuchos especiales de luz que sustituyen a la aguja…
El set completo de Soundmachines está compuesto por tres tocadiscos, de los cuales uno se ocupa de la línea de bajos, otro contiene ritmos percusivos y el último diversos variables…en definitiva, una variable de la famosa Reactable, pero sin tantas posibilidades…al final del artículo tenéis un vídeo de demostración


Three units, which are resembling standard record players, translate concentric visual patterns into control signals for further processing in any music software. The rotation of the discs, each holding three tracks, can be synced to a sequencer.
The Soundmachines premiered on the Volkswagen New Beetle stand at the IAA motor show in late Summer 2011. In cooperation with the sounddesigner/producer Yannick Labbé of TRICKSKI fame, we developed three unique discs, each controlling one track of an Ableton Live Set exclusively made for the Event. The show was supported by a set of realtime generated visuals, running on a 25m wide LED wall.

From start to finish the award-winning studio had roughly six weeks to complete the project – including the production of a set of generative visuals that accompanied Yannick’s performance on a 25 meter wide LED wall. The linear monochromatic compositions were triggered via sound analysis and a camera tracking set-up. Using the Soundmachines also as “Visualmachines” has yet to be examined. “So far the translation of visual codes to sound events was more interesting to us. But a pick-up arm with a camera attached could generate some amazing results, no doubt.”

Although clearly inspired by a DJ booth, none of guys involved in making Soundmachines has ever DJed. “We did some VJing back in the day and have experience in sound design and programming. We also did some experiments with electronic music, but calling that DJing would be an exaggeration,” says Jens. “Thanks to our shared interest in creating synesthetical multi-media designs, we were able to set-up a pretty good workflow with Yannick and communicate without having do discuss the basics.”

Soundmachines from The Product on Vimeo.