Nueva Controladora MIDI de Pioneer

Parece ser que la gente de Pioneer se a tomado en serio eso de crear una nueva especie…cuando menos quieren meterse a fondo en el goloso mercado de las controladoras MIDI, en el siguiente vídeo podemos ver una preview de la que será su nueva controladora….no se sabe todavía que software utilizará, o si, simplemente volverán a jugar a dos bandas como con sus controladoras Pioneer DDJ-S1 y Pioneer DDJ-T1, pero si que es interesante el diseño inclinado, pues permite trabajar cómodamente con un portátil y el echo de que tenga un tamaño reducido, lo que indica que está orientada al mundo de los dj’s que necesitan portabilidad…

Una pequeña corrección, por lo que se puede ver en los vídeos de mas abajo, la versión de software utilizada es VirtualDJ, con un Skin adaptado para esta nueva controladora….a la espera de precios y fecha de lanzamiento….


First impressions – Pioneer clearly have a new design guide. Given their late entry into the controller market, they couldn’t really bring out something that look just the same as everything else. It has obvious Pioneer design cues such as the transport buttons and jog wheel design, but I’m loving the curvy retro stylings of the case. This will look cool in a bar, rather than just looking like a boxy controller.

Some more observations:

  • The angling of the unit is genius. Looks like the big feet at the back come off for those who want a more horizontal experience.
  • Pioneer seem keen to not show us the rear of the unit. I see a power switch but little else. But given the headphone sockets on the front, it would appear that this has an audio interface built right in.
  • One thing to note – this has all the outward appearances of being a 2 channel unit, but it does have deck A/C and deck B/D buttons.
  • Seems that there are 2 effects with a wet/dry control along with 3 parameters.
  • 4 sample slots and 4 hot cues – no dual purpose buttons here – quite separate.
  • There’s a sample deck volume control a la Kontrol S2 and above that an aux/mic control too.
  • Contrary to popular thought, there are pitch faders. They are however small with a sync/master button below them.
  • Right above it is a tempo range button, but but right next to that is an intriguing control – a button for vinyl/pulse mode. What the hell is pulse mode? Has long time Pioneer support DJ Pulse got his own feature on this unit? Does it immediately turn you into a tall Canadian?
  • To save space, it looks like the meters are built right into the fader channels – nice.
  • It has filters per channel. How Traktor-like.

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So the video tells us an awful lot about the features of this controller, but still doesn’t definitely yield a software partner. As the camera pans, there are no logos in evidence. It certainly has some very Traktor-centric features like a separate filter knob and sample deck volume control, but equally the rest of it could work with any number of different software packages including ITCH and Virtual DJ. Perhaps this is a one controller fits all approach, but will almost certainly come with some LE version of some software or other. You’ll note that some controllers ship with Virtual DJ LE or Traktor LE depending on the market.