Ableton Live DJ tutorial Part I

En los siguientes vídeos vamos a poder aprender las diferentes técnicas y configuraciones necesarias para utilizar o crear un set de DJ utilizando Ableton Live…los vídeos estan en ingles, pero creo que se entienden perfectamente y el seguimiento de las técnicas no es nada complicado, tambien están disponibles para descargar los diferentes “templates” o plantillas utilizados en estos tutoriales, por lo que es relativamente sencillo hacer un seguimiento de los tutoriales…en total son 3 los templates que se pueden descargar y con los que empezar a trabajar…


This set of videos, via Ryan on Vimeo, offers an Ableton Live DJ tutorial.

  • Part 1, above, offers Live DJ cue settings and tips on finding the key and BPM and songs. It also looks at how to warp songs for DJing in Ableton Live.
  • Part 2, below, takes a look at how use clips in Live to DJ, setting up effects and DJ style blends.

Part I

Part II

Winmarshall Ableton Live DJ Template

This is a free DJ template for Ableton Live, using an Akai APC40 MIDI controller. It’s designed as a starting-point for new Ableton DJs, and is intended to be reliable, easy to understand and flexible.

Currently the template requires the following things to run:

  • Ableton Live 8.2
  • An installed copy of the APCAdvanced remote script, packaged within the template
  • A copy of the template itself: downloadable from

Installation and useage instructions are in the following videos:

DJMutagen Ableton Live DJ Template


This is the basic layout in ‘Session View’. I have 4 tracks able to play on 2 ‘Decks’ (Returns A and B). Track Banks 1/3 are routed to A and 2/4 are routed to B (Labelled EQ and FX 1/2). ‘Deck A’ is to the LEFT of the crossfader and ‘Deck B’ is to the RIGHT. There are 3-band EQ, 8-band EQ, Beat-Repeat, Gate and Grain Delay effects on Each A and B Decks. You can hit the midi button in the upper right to go into ‘MIDI mapping mode’. All you have to do from there is click a control you want (they all turn a highlighted blue color) and then move the corresponding one on your controller that you want mapped! DONE! Click the MIDI button again to finalize your changes.

Video Guide on mapping:

MIDI mapping for Template

Tom Cosm Ableton Live DJ Template

I have spent a lot of time on an Ableton Live template for DJs who wish to do more than just mix from track to track. This Megaset has various advanced effects, chains, racks and dummy clips, so doing real time remixes of music on the fly is a breeze, you don’t even need a fancy controller as the fun parameters are mapped out to keys on your computer keyboard (there is a key chart included in the package)…I released this to make people more aware of the current tools available for DJing these days. If you are one of those people that like to argue that using software that beatmaches for you isn’t real DJing, this set is definantly not for you.

I have also gathered some music from friends of mine who I think are exceptionally talented, chopped them up into loops (intro, break, drop etc) and added them to the template, so anyone can download this and start mixing straight away.

Here is a track listing

Antix – Circade (Tom Cosm Remix)
Splinter – Tribal Funk
Mr Squatch – Corronation Beat
Animaltek – Pook
Pettro – Epicurus
Tom Cosm – Up At The Downs
Phat Riderz + Marz – You Need Love (Opiuo Remix)
Circuit Bent – New Electro
Monkey Trouble – Moa Groove
Grouch – Trashouth
Spoonhead – Tracing The Shadow
SattelLight – Complete Understand

All tracks are free! Massive thanks to these guys who contributed, it wouldn’t be as nearly as punchy without you.

Click here to download the DJ Megaset 1.0 (200megs)

Click here to download a demo of Ableton Live

And here is the in depth tutorial video, follow the link to vimeo if you wish to watch/download this in HD (1080).

Ableton Live Template Creation

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