Serato ITCH 2.0 Preview

Parece que ya está cerca una nueva versión del software para DJ Serato ITCH…para aquellos que no conozcáis este software, deciros que es una versión del Serato Scratch, pero diseñada en exclusiva para funcionar con determinado hardware (Vestax VCI-300, Xone-DX, Numark NS7, Pioneer DDJ-S)…por lo que se puede apreciar en el vídeo, esta nueva versión viene cargada de mejoras, tanto a nivel de interface, como a nivel interno, imagino que a estas alturas, el haber colaborado con grandes marcas como Novation, Pioneer, Numark y un largo etcétera, tiene que haber influido positivamente en el desarrollo del software y eso, lo agradecemos los usuarios…ya estoy deseando probarla…¡¡¡


It seems that it is near a new version of Serato ITCH DJ software … for those who do not know this software, say it is a version of Serato Scratch, but designed exclusively to work with certain hardware (Vestax VCI-300, Xone-DX, NS7 Numark, Pioneer DDS) … so you can see in the video, this new version is full of enhancements, both in terms of interface, and internally, I imagine that at this point, having collaborated with major brands such as Novation, Pioneer, Numark and many more, must have a positive impact on software development and that, we thank the people…Itch 2.0 now looks a little more like Scratch Live and also comes with new day and night views for enhanced visibility in different surroundings (day mode pictured left). Also added is the SP-6 sample player plug-in which will no doubt please a lot of the more adventurous within the DJ fraternity. The ability to host this plug in may indeed open the door for the future additions of SSL partners, ‘The Bridge’ and Video-SL too perhaps – but that remains pure speculation at this point? An improved Sync engine, vari-deck layout display modes, enhanced album art browsing and numerous improvements to crate navigation and playlists are added as well. New file management options are enabled too for improved backing up and archiving of music collections.