DJLogic – Liquidators Of Chernobyl (English)

Due to the great reception of the session (over 1300 downloads in 2 weeks), I decided to translate the article into English so that those who are not Spanish speakers can understand the significance of this set, translation would be impossible without the help of my friend Sara Sharas, thanks again for your help.

This is a set that I have been working on for about 6 months. Obviously, I haven’t been working all the time in this set, but the “birth” process has been hard and long: first, finding the suitable tracks for the story, that is, nuclear power; and then, all the selection process, screening, more selection and tests until the set has been more or less as I had it in mind.

After this article, you can find links to some documentaries and articles that I personally think that they are essential to understand what happened and the reason itself that motivated this set. It’s not only a tribute to all the people that gave their life: soldiers, firemen, nuclear power plant staff, miners, civil staff, volunteers, etc… But, let’s put ourselves in the situation, a few years ago, a couple of years after the Chernobyl incident, I read a book about what happened in that nuclear power plant. In it, the main characters went deeper in the power plant with a suicidal mission: to open the emptying valves of the lower pools, used to cool the reactor, because if the reactor core fell in those pools, the disaster would have been much bigger. Tones of radioactive water vapour spreaded in the atmosphere. The book is “Chernobyl, Frederik Pohl” and, as a good book, it makes you empathise with the characters and feel like one of them. What a surprise when I found out that the story of those characters is based in real people and that the things happening were real!

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As I’m a DJ, my tools are music and my technique, and I decided to record a tribute set to those people and try to explain what might have been going on in their heads. Obvioulsy, I don’t know about the latter, but having read that book and the history of what happened, I think I can get a glimpse about it…On this basis, I’ve tried to build a progression in the set explaining the different moments and stages of that mission. This is the story…(all the tracks on the set are written in blue).

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Fusión is the first track on the set and yes, that’s right, the reactor’s num. 4 core fusion of the nuclear plant of Chernobyl is the trigger and beginning of this tragedy. Energy / Energy Source are the following tracks: the energy source, the heart of a nuclear power plant has exploded showing men all its power and destructive capacity…Immediately, rescue teams, plant workers, firemen, experts in nuclear power and soldiers arrived. Only Warriors Welcome is the next track because, in the end, they are all warriors, brave in front of a nearly sure death. Extreme Noise Terror, that’s how I imagine the sound of the core in flames, an overwhelming sound, paralysing…Mort Subite (sudden death): most of the first ones arriving were trained people with knowledge, so they knew what was waiting for them, a secure death after a few hours…Devils Dance, that’s how I imagine him in front of such a huge disaster, dancing in the deepest hell, delighting in human stupidity. In this point is were the characters of our story start taking action: I imagine them planning the strategy in detail, for once inside, they only have a few minutes to try to achieve the mission and go back out, if they can….

Wake Up / On the Way…once everything was planned, there’s no other option, they must go deep in the nuclear inferno. I think that, in that moment, even if one wanted to be serene and calm, in each one’s head there’s only Pánico and Descontrol. I can’t conceive someone heading towards a sure death without his’ mind buzzing and full of chaotic thoughts. It’s in those moments when one must pluck up the courage, the courage to Die For Your Country, for your family, friends and the rest of human beings…In the end, once in that hell, you’re attending your own funeral (Enjoy For Your Funeral) and due to the high doses of radiation, your braincells ionize producing confusion, disorientation and a strong headache. I imagine that in those moments, everything must look unreal, spectral (Spectral Radial / Ethereal Lifeforms) but even though, you know you must keep going…you’ve memorized the way deep in your brain.. in fact, they are workers of the plant and they know exactly where they must head for, even if they are in the middle of hell, a small sun created by humans (The Sun in the Middle of Hell). They know they are saving the planet (Save the Planet), at least a part of it…and they did so: they managed to open the valves, the sluice gates were opening and a million cubic metres of radioactive water flowed towards a safe reservoir prepared for that… he next tracks of the set recount what I think they faced and its consequences, Uranium 235, Desintegration, Devastation, Atom Eater, Atom Atron…uranium, devastation, high doses of radiation, your body can’t even hold you up, it’s the human being completely devastated… Degeneration, your brain can’t even put together coherent thoughts, we are in the Nuclear Era, in the heart of the beast (Beast Machine). Maybe the robot can get you out of there (The Robot), and, with robot, I mean that empty body that, despite all, knows the way out…some say they managed to get out, others say they didn’t. In this point, the stories are contradictory, but I don’t think they even care: they made it…

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P.S. This is why I’m a DJ, because above all, I’m a person of my time and, with music as a tool, I want to explain stories of my time.. play music to people who only listens to the top forty, not.